On CBS “Face the Nation” Tom Kean, of 9/11 Commission, On How Terrorist Threat Has Evolved

Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean, who headed the 9/11 Commission and is chair of Carnegie Corporation of New York, the grantmaking foundation, appeared on CBS “Face the Nation” on September 12, nine years after the 2001 terrorist attacks, to discuss the state of the current threat to the U.S.

Governor Kean and Rep. Lee Hamilton, are co-chairs of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s National Security Preparedness Group (NSPG).

Governor Kean and Congressman Hamilton, together with members of the NSPG, released a new, Carnegie Corporation-funded report “Assessing the Terrorist Threat” which examines the current state of the terrorist threat against the United States.  The report details how the terrorist threat has evolved since the attacks in 2001, including the development of homegrown networks and the increasingly diverse and decentralized nature of terrorism. For the last year, Governor Kean, Congressman Hamilton and members of the NSPG have been meeting with top intelligence and law enforcement officials to assess how the threat has changed in recent years.