Nuclear Security in Five Words



Nuclear technology affects everyone every day. If it is going to exist, it needs to be as safe and secure as possible. In March 2016, leaders from around the world will gather in Washington, DC to improve policies that lock down dangerous nuclear materials. They must take bold action at this summit, since it could be a long time before the next international meeting of top leaders devoted to nuclear security. Everyone should care about effective nuclear security. While only a handful of states possess nuclear weapons, over 700 nuclear power plants and research reactors exist or are being built, and radiological materials are used in research, industry and medicine on a daily basis. The 5 Priorities movement pushes for common-sense standards and actions that cut through the red tape and contribute to a safer future for everyone. It represents the consensus of top international experts on what world leaders should do to strengthen global nuclear security at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit and beyond.