New “Road Map” for Ed. Reform Envisions Digital Transformation

The Digital Learning Council has issued Digital Learning Now! A roadmap for a national initiative to develop and transform education by moving digital learning to the forefront of education and away from the niche role it plays today. 

The Digital Learning Council, co-chaired by Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida and Bob Wise, former governor of West Virginia, is comprised of a group of more than 50 leaders from education, government, philanthropy, business, technology, and think tanks who will identify policies that will integrate current and future technological innovations into public education.  Leah Hamilton, a program officer at Carnegie Corporation of New York, serves on the Council.

Education Week, in an article published today, said that the Council has recommended “major changes to state education policy that include abolishing seat-time requirements, linking teacher pay to student success, and overhauling public school funding models.”

The recommendations are part of the council's 10 policy suggestions for states to use digital learning as a catalyst for education reform.  The Council also suggests that, not only should all students have access to digital learning opportunities in the form of online or blended courses, but they should have choices between providers and methods of access.