New Higher Ed Leadership Program in Africa Inviting Proposals

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A new research program, the Higher Education Leadership Program in Africa (HELP) is now accepting applications.

The program is managed by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and funded in part by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Proposals are invited from researchers based in African universities and research centers to constitute National Working Groups (NWGs), and/ or Comparative Research Networks (CRNs), to undertake studies around its newly launched HELP program.

This call for proposals is intended for university based scholars and researchers from the six countries that are, for the time being, covered by the project. These are Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa.

The objectives of the Higher Education Leadership Program are:

1) to provide a rigorous historical and social science analysis on higher education leadership and higher education governance in Africa;

2) to examine the changes which are occurring , and challenges facing,  higher education governance and leadership in Africa in the 21st century;

3) to identify and analyze ways in which the leadership and governance of African universities are constituted and exercised and how leadership is trying to address global, regional and local challenges facing the higher education sector.

3) to elaborate models of university leadership that can ultimately serve as a basis for new policy on the governance of the rapidly expanding higher education sector.

For more information visit CODESRIA