New Americans Campaign: A Citizenship Movement

The New Americans Campaign, a Carnegie Corporation grantee, came to New York City in May 2014 with a two-day conference for partner organizations and a Saturday workshop that offered free legal services to hundreds of legally qualified permanent residents seeking citizenship. In less than three years, the Campaign has helped 100,000 green card holders through the naturalization process. It’s a first-of-its kind network for one hundred legal-service providers, faith-based organizations, businesses, community leaders working in more than 16 sites nationwide.  It’s also brings together funders for an unprecedented investment in supporting aspiring citizens.

Watch a video: New Americans Campaign: A Citizenship Movement

“There are four principles: impact, collaboration, innovation, and diversity,” explains Carnegie Corporation’s Geri Mannion, Program Director, U.S. Democracy and Special Opportunities Fund.  For example, through collaboration, the Campaign provides individual organizations with a larger infrastructure, more resources, and a network to share ideas. Through technology, ranging from video conferencing to online tool kits, the Campaign is modernizing and streamlining naturalization services so that greater numbers of green card holders can become US citizens.

Watch a video: The New Americans Campaign's Marc Fest interviews Carnegie Corporation's Geri Mannion at the CUNY Citizenship Now! naturalization workshop sponsored by City University of New York.