Military action isn’t the only solution to Iran

Iran presents a serious threat to U.S. and regional security, one that would grow immensely if its nuclear program produces weapons, write William H. Luers and Thomas R. Pickering in a December 31, 2011 Washington Post op-ed.  “The United States must set out on a relentless search for a better way to get at this seemingly unknowable regional power” –better that is than military action. 

Luers, a former Carnegie Corporation grantee when he was president of the United Nations Association and Pickering, a former trustee, suggest that “Without that patient search for different ways to deal with Tehran, Washington will be stuck with a policy that will not change Iran’s practices or its regime and could lead to a catastrophic war.”

Luers, Pickering and their colleagues in the Iran Project — an initiative of theirs that has suggested diplomatic strategies and encouraged direct U.S.-Iran discussions for nearly a decade — have for three years proposed ways to contain Iran’s nuclear program, wall it off from developing weapons and engage Iran in a dialogue on other regional issues.

It is not too late.

Read the Washington Post op-ed