Investigation of State Legislatures by ABC-Carnegie Fellows Uncovers Lawmakers’ Indictments, Convictions

An ABC News investigation of the country’s statehouses, conducted by five student journalists selected as ABC-Carnegie Fellows, revealed a pattern of criminal behavior that has led to a Department of Justice investigation into corruption. 

News of the investigation came at the conclusion of an ABC News segment broadcast on World News and Nightline which found that more than half of the states in the nation have had to contend with sordid or illegal behavior by their state representatives in the past five years, including the indictment or conviction of at least 80 state legislators during that period.

Carnegie Corporation sponsors an ABC News Summer Institute that involves students nominated by their journalism school deans and selected on a competitive basis. The students complete eight-week fellowships under the guidance of ABC News and work with the award-winning ABC News Investigative Unit led by Brian Ross on a specific project that takes advantage of the students' experience, learning and research abilities.

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