Huffington Post−Beyond Snowden and Summits: Expanding the U.S.-Russia Discourse

For the first time in a long time, the American airwaves are filled with talk about Russia and its relations with the United States. Opinions are many and varied, ranging from endorsement of President Obama's cancellation of the summit with President Putin, to concerns about Obama's decision; from attempts to rationalize Putin's move to grant temporary asylum to Edward Snowden to outright outrage about him snubbing the U.S. But whatever the view or the tone, experts, analysts, and officials are talking about Russia, and that is a good thing. That's the silver lining in the summit's cancellation.

But, it would be even better if more and louder voices in the United States would use this latest chapter in the U.S.-Russia saga to talk about the importance and the potential of this relationship.

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