Five Myths about Obama’s Foreign Policy

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In a recent Washington Post opinion article, Carnegie Corporation grantee Martin S. Indyk dispels several myths about President Obama’s foreign policy successes and failures.

“Five myths about Obama’s foreign policy,” co-authored by Indyk, vice president and director of foreign policy at the Brookings Institution, and Kenneth G. Lieberthal and Michael E. O’Hanlon also of Brookings, suggests that Barack Obama campaigned as a visionary on foreign policy. “He vowed to repair the breach with the Muslim world, make a major dent in global poverty, establish detente with dictators, arrest climate change and work toward global denuclearization.” 

But since he reached the Oval Office, write the Brookings scholars, “pragmatism has won the day more often than not, rendering the president a reluctant realist more than an idealist. Now, as Obama seeks reelection at a moment of major challenges on the global stage,” the authors examine five myths about his foreign policy. 

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