Discover SafeMode: International Security Through the Eyes of a Younger Generation

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PRI's The World has always covered international security — a huge topic that touches on almost every aspect of life on earth: war and peace; poverty and economic development; global warming and mass migration. Lately, with support from Carnegie Corporation, they’ve begun covering it through the eyes of young people as a way of figuring out how much, and how fast, the world is changing. And since international security is fundamentally about human safety, they’re calling this project "SafeMode."

Over 80 SafeMode stories have been produced since January, reaching nearly 3 million people on broadcast each week. And SafeMode “magazine” on Flipboard has attracted 30,000 viewers! Take a look at it right here.

“This Corporation-supported effort of Public Radio International (PRI) to create a platform for global conversation among the eighteen-to-forty-year-old demographic represents not only a smart strategic move by PRI, but an imperative one,” says International Program Officer Patricia Moore Nicholas. “With the SafeMode ‘magazine,’ PRI is reaching a demographically diverse younger generation on today’s complex international security issues.”

And they’re just getting started! Watch for the launch of the first SafeMode series about how technology is changing the nature and practice of international security. Scheduled for December, it will profile five millennials who embody those changes, from hackers to drone operators to digital diplomats.  It’s just one of the many exciting stories revealing how a new generation takes on global security.