Did New Voting Restrictions Make a Difference in the Midterm Elections?

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Since the repeal of Section 5 from the Voting Rights Act, which has historically sought to protect the rights of disenfranchised groups and minorities from unfair voting practices, advocates have been working to ensure that all those who can vote are able to.

 Wendy R. Weiser, director of the Democracy Program at The Brennan Center, created a quick survey on the effects of new voting laws in several key states. After canvasing races in North Carolina, Kansas, Virginia, and Florida, Weiser determined that the margin of disenfranchisement for each state was close to the margin of victory.  Though only a snapshot of post-election outcomes, Weisner states that it may be months before there is enough data to fully assess the impact of new voting laws. 

 For a more in-depth picture of election laws and how they have changed since 2010, check out the Brennan Center’s interactive map detailing the effects of the new voting restrictions set in place in 21 states. http://www.brennancenter.org/new-voting-restrictions-2010-election