Crisis Guide: Pakistan Recognized for Excellence

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Crisis Guide: Pakistan, the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) interactive multimedia feature which examines the roots of the country's challenges, has been awarded the Overseas Press Club’s Best Use of Multimedia award.

Each year the Overseas Press Club recognizes reporters and photographers deployed across the globe, as well as variety of online uses of video and multimedia. 

The Carnegie Corporation-funded interactive presentation includes video interviews with more than twenty-five leading analysts, government officials, and journalists from Pakistan, India, and the United States.

Crisis Guide: Pakistan examines a country beset by devastating floods, increased terror attacks, and political instability, in short a country in a precarious state and a matter of global concern. The interactive multimedia web site examines the roots of the country's challenges: an increasing number of terrorist groups; a growing nuclear arsenal that could become vulnerable to these groups; a long-standing rivalry with India and troubled border with conflict-ridden Afghanistan; and the ongoing power struggle between a strong military and a weak civilian government. The guide draws on expert analysis to demonstrate what these problems mean for the region and the world, and to explore potential directions for the country.

The guide's six chapters include:

* a cinematic overview of Pakistan's challenges;

* interactive timelines exploring the country's history, its contentious civil-military relations, and its tumultuous ties with the United States;

* an  interactive map surveying Pakistan's troubled relations with its neighbors; and

* an expert review of the five most-discussed scenarios for Pakistan's future—state collapse, the rise of radical Islamist ideologies, a return to authoritarian rule, a moderate state, or a scenario in which Pakistan muddles along without major institutional reforms.

Crisis Guide: Pakistan is the latest installment in's Emmy Award-winning Crisis Guide series, which seeks to bring context and historical perspective to the world's most complex issues.

In its commendation, the Overseas Press Club said the interactive site stood out for its “flawless graphics and videos, clear organization of content, and features for social-network sharing. Its unique strength is that it strikes a smart balance between telling a compelling linear story & embracing the modern practice of consuming small chunks of information in a non-linear manner. The presentation uses numbered tabs to guide the reader through a detailed history of the region. For the casual reader it is easy to drop in and sample bits and pieces of the content without feeling lost or dependent on knowing a previous section’s contents. The real key is the prominent inclusion of embed code and social network sharing links. Finally, of all the entries, this Flash piece has the best technical performance — graphics transition gracefully, videos play flawlessly and the interface reacts quickly to user action.”