College, University Presidents Announce Alliance To Improve Student Learning

Washington, D.C., November 5, 2010- In a national initiative to improve student learning on U.S. campuses, more than 65 college and university presidents have signed an agreement to expand their efforts  in gathering and reporting evidence of student learning and using it to improve outcomes. 

"As the United States sets a national goal to again lead the world in educational attainment, it is critical that undergraduate degrees and credentials reflect a high-quality education. This requires colleges and universities to develop evidence of students' skills and knowledge as they work toward and complete their undergraduate studies," said David Paris, executive director of the New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability, a Carnegie Corporation-supported grantee which developed the initiative. "Quantity and quality both matter; higher rates of attainment need to be accompanied by higher levels of achievement."

The Presidents' Alliance institutions, which include two and four year, public and private colleges and universities nationwide, have also agreed to assist each other in this work, publicly report on their efforts and encourage other institutions to take similar steps.

Read the Alliance’s press release