Carnegie Mellon University

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In 2013, Carnegie Mellon University welcomed its ninth president, Subra Suresh, a distinguished engineer and scientist, who served as the director of the National Science Foundation prior to joining CMU. Suresh is a naturalized citizen, much like Andrew Carnegie, who founded the school in 1900 in his adopted home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

At the time, Carnegie established a $2 million endowment for several technical schools with the goal of providing training at the secondary level. These schools quickly evolved into the Carnegie Institute of Technology, a college that received an additional endowment of more than $7 million. In 1967, the Carnegie Tech merged with the Mellon Institute to become Carnegie Mellon University.

Today, the university is a global research university with more than 13,200 students; seven schools and colleges including colleges in engineering, fine arts, humanities and social sciences, and public policy and information services; additional campuses in Qatar and Silicon Valley; and degree-granting programs around the world, including Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America. The CMU motto is a quote from Andrew Carnegie: “My heart is in the work.”