Carnegie Corporation of New York Pledges Ten Million Dollars to NYC Relief Efforts

Carnegie Corporation of New York, which has called the city home since Andrew Carnegie created the foundation in 1911, will donate $10 million to city relief efforts. The Corporation intends to work with a number of organizations that are responding to the needs of those whose lives were disrupted by the terrorism that rocked New York City on September 11th. In keeping with its mission, the Corporation expects to support institutions and organizations that offer assistance to or work in the area of educational and social needs.

"New Yorkers are united at this time in pain and in a determination to reinforce our American ideals and our commitments," said Vartan Gregorian, president of Carnegie Corporation of New York. "The losses to the community suffered this week are enormous and will not quickly disappear. As a foundation dedicated to long–term social change, we want to respond to immediate needs with an eye always toward the future needs of the families of those public servants and individual citizens who died. Governor Tom Kean, chairman of our board and I, will closely work with existing organizations to see how we can make the most significant impact on those whose lives were forever disrupted."

"As governor for many years in the neighboring state of New Jersey, I have long been deeply aware that New York City is the center of culture, education and finance in this country. Today, it is also the ethnic capital of the United States," said Governor Kean. "The vitality of this city is important to the nation’s well being and it is of utmost interest to all of us who care about strengthening our democratic ideals."

"Foundations, like other communities that make up New York City are cognizant that something extraordinary must be done at a moment like this. Carnegie Corporation of New York is pleased to join with others–corporations, individuals and foundations–who are determined to fulfill our obligations as citizens of this great city," added Gregorian. The Corporation´s core work in advancing knowledge and understanding in the areas of peace and security, international development, democracy and education will continue with renewed urgency.