Carnegie Corporation of New York Statement on the Tree of Life Shooting

Dear Rabbi Myers and Congregants,

Carnegie Corporation of New York and the entire family of Carnegie institutions in the United States and Europe offer our condolences to members of the Tree of Life Congregation. Our founder, Andrew Carnegie, was devoted to Pittsburgh and had a deep respect for its citizens. Today, we stand in solidarity with the city in condemning the barbaric shooting that claimed the lives of eleven faithful members of your congregation.

Nearly 230 years ago, in an important letter to the Jewish community of Rhode Island, George Washington wrote that “the government of the United States gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance” as a reassurance that the Founding Fathers valued religious freedom and the right of individuals to practice their religion. All of us must continue to stand up for this ideal of tolerance with our outspoken support. For centuries, America has been the beneficiary of the Jewish faith and its followers, who have fostered creative intelligence, strength of character, and — above all — a devotion to faith, family, and community.

At this time, as the nation mourns your loss, may the concern and sympathy of millions of people worldwide be a comfort to the families of the shooting victims, to the members of your congregation, and to all of Pittsburgh.

Janet L. Robinson, Chair, Board of Trustees
Thomas H. Kean, Honorary Chair, Board of Trustees
Vartan Gregorian, President
Carnegie Corporation of New York