Boston Review, a Grantee, Wins Prestigious Magazine Award for Best Writing

The Boston Review, a bi-monthly publication supported in part by funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York, has been named winner of the 2010 Utne Independent Press Award for Best Writing. 

According to the Awards' sponsor, “the Utne Independent Press Awards remain an editorial competition like no other. There are no rules, no entry fees, and no tolerance for cronyism. We simply throw the 1,300 periodicals that circulate through our library on the table and — as a group of diverse, invested readers — choose those that challenge us, move us, and make us proud. The 72 titles that we’ve recognized as nominees do spectacular, extraordinary work; the 10 winners brought us peerless, vital coverage in 2009.”

In its commendation, the Utne panel called the Boston Review where “poems sit alongside political essays, where fiction coexists with cultural criticism, and where — this is key — every element in the intellectual fiesta is thought-provoking and expertly crafted.”

The judges pointed to the addition last year of more investigative reporting in the magazine’s repertoire. 

The commendation continued,“let mainstream publications give in to the perceived demand for bite-sized news; Boston Review provides the exquisite main course.”