Boston Graduation Rate Study Catalyzes City-wide Initiative

In response to a Carnegie Corporation-funded study pointing to the number of Boston high school graduates who enroll in college and then fail to earn their degrees, the city’s mayor Thomas M. Menino issued a community-wide challenge to ensure that more Boston Public Schools (BPS) graduates go on to earn a college degree.

Complementing Mayor Menino’s plan will be a Carnegie Corporation funded initiative to ensure that more graduates are college ready. A $1.5 million grant to the Boston Plan for Excellence in the Public Schools Foundation to establish accountability targets for raising the graduation rate and in-depth analysis of how students are progressing at different city high schools.

The Carnegie Corporation-funded study, Getting to the Finish Line: College Enrollment and Graduation is the result of tracking the seven-year outcome of every BPS student who graduated from high school in June 2000.

In a November 2008 statement, Mayor Menino said, “We are proud that Boston sends more graduates to college than just about any city in the country, but we must do more to ensure success once they are there,” Mayor Menino said. “This baseline report, along with an action plan that provides a roadmap of measurable progress, will help all of us make the changes necessary to give our young people the quality educational experience they deserve.”