Americans Feeling Anxious about the American Dream, Survey Finds.

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Americans Feeling Anxious about the American Dream, Survey Finds.

On November 17, Brookings hosted the release of the Corporation grantee, Public Religion Research Institute’s sixth annual American Values Survey (AVS). Appropriately titled, “Anxiety, Nostalgia, and Mistrust: Findings from the 2015 American Values Survey,” the report finds Americans increasingly concerned about the country’s future as we approach the 2016 elections.

The survey findings revealed some major fault lines in American society and highlighted the issues that will likely dominate the 2016 campaign. Overall, the survey found that the American public views crime, racial tensions, illegal immigration, and economic anxieties critical concerns.

Key experts Brookings Senior Fellows E.J. Dionne Jr. and William Galston, Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute, Joy Reid of MSNBC, and Henry Olsen of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, weighed in providing some historical context and political context to the findings. Read more at Brookings.