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(Photo by Oleksandr Rupeta/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
Creating opportunities for universities across the continent

Just one year after its establishment, the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA), is once again garnering attention for its effectiveness in connecting a diverse group of African Universities to the global university networks. The alliance, made up of 15 institutions from eight African countries, has widened research opportunities, improved training and provided much needed support for students and professors at research campuses that may have been previously overlooked due to their rankings in the university system.  

Professor Jo Beall, deputy vice-chancellor at the University of Cape Town, recently explained to the Times Higher Education that the problem lies in the fact that “at the moment universities in North America and Western Europe only want to collaborate with a select group of top universities on the continent, most of which are in South Africa.”\

The ARUA is trying to address this problem by creating more opportunities for collaboration, thereby raising the higher education system across the continent, and creating support, opportunity and ample resources for students and professors within the African University systems.

The ARUA was hatched with support from Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Higher Education and Research in Africa (HERA) initiative. Learn more about HERA and the ARUA in this interactive .