African Higher Education Summit


The three-day African Higher Education Summit, whose theme is “revitalizing higher education for Africa’s future”, seeks to build a movement of like-minded institutions to transform the African higher education sector. To be held at the King Fahad Palace Hotel, in Dakar, on 10-12 March 2015, the summit will be highly interactive, allowing participants to exchange experiences and views.

The summit’s objectives are to:

1. Build a constituency for transformation and investment in Africa’s higher education.
2. Create a shared vision for the future of African higher education.
3. Harness and highlight exemplary efforts and initiatives in African higher education.
4. Harness disparate efforts and interventions in African higher education.
5. Spur and sustain innovation in African higher education.
You can follow the summit on social media below, and the World Bank is also providing a live stream from Dakar, Senegal

Former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan reads remarks on behalf of Carnegie Corporation President Vartan Gregorian

Live From the Summit