2015 Andrew Carnegie Fellows

The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program provides fellowships advancing research in the social sciences and humanities. The anticipated result of each fellowship is the publication of a book or major study. The 2015 Andrew Carnegie Fellows will provide new perspectives on topics such as policing and race, big data and privacy, the impact of an aging population, the safety of generic drugs, and how attitudes are formed among voters.

2015 Andrew Carnegie Fellows

1Alessandro Acquisti

Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University

2Arthur Lupia

Arthur Lupia, University of Michigan

3Caleb Everett

Caleb Everett, University of Miami

4Daniel J. Tichenor

Daniel J. Tichenor, University of Oregon

5David E. Bloom

David E. Bloom, Harvard University

6Elizabeth F. Thompson

Elizabeth F. Thompson, University of Virginia

7Elizabeth J. Wilson

Elizabeth J. Wilson, University of Minnesota

8Fotini Christia

Fotini Christia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

9Gregory T. Cushman

Gregory T. Cushman, University of Kansas

10Ian Morris

Ian Morris, Stanford University

11John D. Ciorciari

John D. Ciorciari, University of Michigan

12Katherine Eban

Katherine Eban, Journalist

13Keir A. Lieber

Keir A. Lieber, Georgetown University

14Kevin Gerard Boyle

Kevin Gerard Boyle, Northwestern University

15Larry M. Bartels

Larry M. Bartels, Vanderbilt University

16Laurence Ralph

Laurence Ralph, Harvard University

17Leith Mullings

Leith Mullings, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

18Louise I. Shelley

Louise I. Shelley, George Mason University

19Lynn Vavreck

Lynn Vavreck, University of California, Los Angeles

20Mala Htun

Mala Htun, University of New Mexico

21Maria Ivanova

Maria Ivanova, University of Massachusetts, Boston

22Masha Gessen

Masha Gessen, Journalist

23Max Weiss

Max Weiss, Princeton University

24Patricia L. Sullivan

Patricia L. Sullivan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

25Philip E. Tetlock

Philip E. Tetlock, University of Pennsylvania

26Sarah Mathew

Sarah Mathew, Arizona State University

27Shahzad Bashir

Shahzad Bashir, Stanford University

28Thomas J. Sugrue

Thomas J. Sugrue, New York University

29Timothy David Snyder

Timothy David Snyder, Yale University

30Valerie M. Hudson

Valerie M. Hudson, Texas A&M University

31Zeynep Tufekci

Zeynep Tufekci, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill