How to Approach New Learning Models

The annual iNACOL symposium is always well attended and packed with valuable sessions. This year’s gathering in Orlando, Florida was no exception. Pictured here are three Corporation grantees (Summit Public Schools, InnovateEDU/Brooklyn Lab Charter Schools, and CityBridge Foundation) who shared their recommendations for educators who are interested in creating personalized learning models. Three favorite points:
1. Start with a problem that you haven’t been able to solve.
2. You can’t address every variable at once. Sometimes you need to set limitations on how much you can accomplish at a given time, so that you can sustain a continuous cycle of improvement.
3. Remember the importance of community when it comes to inspiring you to try new approaches and helping you feel safer about risk taking.
I look forward to seeing how these and the many other valuable insights from the conference spur new innovations in the field.