2016 Great Immigrants Recipient

Sundar Pichai
CEO, Google
Born in:

“In Silicon Valley, being an immigrant doesn't matter,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote in a 2017 memo to employees at the tech giant. “It’s the ideas that matter. We are able to build products for everyone because we attract talent from around the world. Immigration is a strength for this industry and our country — it’s one of our defining characteristics.” Pichai, who came to the United States from India after earning a scholarship to Stanford University, joined the tech company in 2004 as head of product management and development. Pinchai convinced the company that it needed to create its own browser and since its launch in 2008, Google Chrome has become the world’s most popular browser. He later became head of Android, Google's mobile-phone operating system, and took charge of all software products before becoming CEO in 2015. As head of Google, Pichai oversees tens of thousands of employees, tens of billions of dollars in revenue, and products that reach billions of users. Updated July 2018