2018 Great Immigrants Recipient

Nicolas Berggruen
Founder and Chairman, Berggruen Institute
Born in:

"I really, really believe that the idea of discovering truth on your own doesn't work," Nicolas Berggruen told “Town & Country” in 2016. "Because we are human, we progress by doing things together. You learn by being with others, and you learn by discussion." The billionaire investor and philanthropist is chairman of the Berggruen Institute, the research organization he founded dedicated to improving governance and mutual understanding across cultures. He is co-publisher of “The WorldPost” - a partnership of the Berggruen Institute and “The Washington Post” -  that publishes op-eds and features by contributors from around the world. He is also chairman and founder of Berggruen Holdings, a multinational private equity and venture capital firm. In 2010, he joined the Giving Pledge, joining a number of other billionaires who have promised to give away more than half their fortunes. “Everyone is dealt a group of cards at birth. With them come possibilities and responsibilities. What one does with them is up to each one of us, and the sum of those choices, constitute our lives. I have been blessed with the chance to build the Nicolas Berggruen Charitable Trust,” Berggruen wrote in his pledge letter. Updated July 2018